Love for nature, respect for the environment and the ecosystem, and a desire to provide consumers with genuine, biological products are the objectives that we share with the Bees Republic project we support.

The objective of this project, conceived by Giacomo Acerbi of Tenuta Il Ritiro, is to improve and safeguard the environment by repopulating and protecting bees, the most important animals on our planet. These insects are not only valued for honey production, but also for pollination, one of the most essential activities for our survival as it guarantees the continuation of 71% of plant species from which 90% of food products worldwide are derived.
If bees didn’t perform their work, planet Earth would be left without fruit. Trees wouldn’t be able to yield this important source of nutrition and the whole food chain would suffer the consequences of such damage.


Bees are the most powerful bioenvironmental indicator nature has provided us with.
A bee colony covers an area of about 4 km a day.  Through their meticulous work, bees not only collect pollen, nectar and water but also dust particles which host a range of pollutants. As dust particles are not metabolized by the bees, they are stored within the matrix of cells in the hive and can provide, through targeted samplings, information on the state of the environment and pollution levels.


The Bees Republic project supported by Caseificio Roccaverano promotes the creation of biodiversity oases where bees can carry out their precious activities of conservation, diffusion, and protection of the natural habitat. Lands, pastures, crops, and related agricultural products benefit.

Our cheese factory, a stakeholder in this initiative, has created a biodiversity oasis on its land. The planning and realization of this oasis, like with all other Bees Republic oases, were performed by Bruno Calabretta’s specialized staff from the nursery garden Verde-Commerce. A deep knowledge of plants, habitats and ecosystems is essential to create these protected areas that contribute to improving and rebalancing our environment.